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Telefon: 97020731

Vi står til tjeneste med alt
vedrørende dødsfall og begravelser. 

Terje Isaksen

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Hilsen fra Skrunda


En hilsen fra Martin Samm på FB

Hello kjaere venn! It is nice to see that you have active Advent time in Meloy! I think the children choir will give the best emotions for you all! In Skrunda ther are also the concerts coming. All together we have 4 concerts. Last week there were the musics from symphonic orchestra. This week our quest is young singer who is popular between young people. Her pearents are members of our church. Then the music svhool children and woman choir concert will be at the last Advent Sunday. Our own choir will sing at Christmas Eave! The choir become little bit bigger now - about 16 people... They are busy people, but do good work in music and church fields! We allready planned the next year visit some Estonian churches with them. Norway can be the next, offcourse if you like to see us again?
Otherwise the life in Skrunda is still under the stress signs. The unemployment and low salaryes are our daily cares. In congregation we feel that people are tied, but they trust to Christ and the hope to better future. Today there is the first snow!!! Usually it is in november.
I want to say also great thankyou about your money transfers! Big part of the diacony work is done by your support!
Have the nice Advent time and let God bless you and give strong health!


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